Earning Disclaimer

Earning Disclaimer
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This website is solely responsible for the distributing and selling the dietary and nutritional products manufactured in the U.S. or in other foreign countries. Owners of the products are the sole proprietor of the logo and any trademark that is used by us on the website. As per the contract between the producer and website, we are permitted to make the use of the logo. The trademark should not be copied by anyone else the matter will be taken into court.

The website uses the information provided about the products by various sources. The website is not responsible for its accuracy. The product has nothing to with the website and none can hold us responsible for any mishap. To avoid such condition, it is advised that consultation on the product should be done with a physician first.

We or the information providers should not be held responsible or accountable against any mistake made by machine or human, delays and losses and also data losses. We only provide the information on the website for general information.

We aim to keep the pages of the website updated with latest offers and deals. We always strive to provide reliable and accurate information to all our customers. We completely hold no responsibility if the website goes down and cases which are out of the team’s control.

We or open to complaints over infringement of copyrights regarding which the customers can contact us. We promise to resolve the matter as early as possible.